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Attention, it is requested to bring NID card while taking family planning services in this hospital.    It is advisable to bring the vaccination card with you.   

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Mohammadpur Fertility Services and Training Centre (MFSTC) located at Aurangzeb road, Mohammadpur Dhaka, were established as a special project in 1974 with funding assistance from the “Pathfinder Fund”, for the purpose of delivering integrated family planning services under one roof. Thus, this hospital started its journey under the Government of the Father of The Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
This was the first centre in Bangladesh of nature. On 1st July, 1999 as per decision of the Government and during the first tenure of Bangabandhu’s daughter Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, MFSTC was transferred to the revenue budget. This is the centre where MR services in Bangladesh were first initiated, natured and attained its maturity. Out of all clients who visit this centre each year, 80% are from the lower and middle income bracket which is an indication of its popularity and its good performance, quality counseling, record keeping and follow-up services provided to the clients. Due to the great need and demand of the locality Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, during her second tenure, upgraded this MFSTC to 100 bedded Mother and Child Health Hospital, On 10th October, 2010 the hospital has started providing 24/7 Normal Delivery services including C/S (Caesarean Section) along with the existing services. The newly built hospital has a capacity of 72 beds for Obstetric and 28 beds for Neo-Nate aaaaa7 Child.

Furthermore, new services like Pediatric indoor, IUI services, 24/7 hours Blood Bank, Social Welfare Department, Central Oxygen Ovarian Drilling, Recoanalization, KMC & Gynecological Operation existing ongoing MCH services. This organization was developed as a Family Planning Referral Hospital. Gradually it started providing services to the mother and treatment to less than 5 years children. In continuation of the ongoing activities of MFSTC it is gradually expanding by introduction infertility and comprehensive reproductive health care services. The purpose of expansion is to give services to infertility couple whether they may be primary or secondary infertility cases.

This centre being a services-cum-training centre provides basic and in services training to Health & Family Planning staffs working at different levels. Various operational research & survey works on different contraceptive methods to identify their effect, the mother & child health, their nutritional status, poverty, morbidity, mortality etc.

Director (MCH- Services) and Director, MFSTC (Additional Charge)

Dr. Md. Muniruzzaman Siddiqui, Director (MCH- Services) and Director, MFSTC (Additional Charge)


Oral Pill distribution, Condom distribution (Male), Birth Control Injection, Implant insertion/removal Intra Uterine Device (IUD) insertion/removal, NSV & BLTL (Minilap & Laparoscopic), Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP), Post-Partum Family Planning, and USG guided removal of missing Implant, Hysteroscopy guided removal of missing IUCD.

Ante natal care (ANC), Delivery Services including Caesarean Section, Post natal care (PNC), Sick children (under 14 years), Vitamin A Capsule distribution, Immunization including Hepatitis-B vaccine, Adolescent Reproductive Health Care, Nutrition Advices/Services for pregnant mother & malnourished children, MR and Post Abortion Care (PAC). RTI & STI Services, VIA (Visual Inspection of cervix with Acetic acid) & CBE, Colposcopy for screening & diagnosis for Cervical Cancer, Cryosurgery for Rx of precancerous state of cervix, EPI Program, Breast feeding corner, Management & Treatment of referral Cases, Gynecological operation in a large scale (Start since October, 2016).

Assure delivery services to antenatal mothers, Assure safe delivery, Assure care to the new born, Pediatric Indoor services (Stated since September, 2014), KMC (Started since 7th November, 2016 & renovated on 4th November, 2020).

To identify the common causes of infertility in both male & female and provide basic management & treatment, to give assurance to the long term contraceptive user, Couples are counseled about Infertility, to provide moral support through counseling and motivation , to provide ultrasonography of infertile clients including TVS, Investigations of couples are done by low costs. Ovulation induction by hormone, IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) (Started since May, 2013), Diagnostic Laparoscopy & Ovarian drilling ( Started since March, 2016), Sono hysterical phonography for tubal patency test.

Imaging: Ultrasonography (Lower and Upper abdomen, TVS & Breast). Pathology: General pathology and Special lab. For infertility services, 24 hours Ambulance Services, Blood Bank (Started since August, 2013), Social Welfare Department (Started since September, 2012) , Pharmacy, Central Oxygen Supply (Started since April, 2015), Automation of Hospital services.

F.Training F. TRAINING
Training of Doctors and Paramedics on Clinical on Contraception, RTI/STI & HIV/AIDS Case Management and Reproductive Health, MCH & Nutrition etc . Training on MR, PAC, IUD, NSV, Tubectomy, Implant, Counseling & Infection Prevention, 6(six) months CSBA, 6(six) months Midwifery & 6(six) months EOC of FWVs, Training on Hysteroscopy of Operation, PPFP (Doctors & Paramedics), IYCF, Field training of Students from Social Welfare Department under Dhaka and National University.

Antenatal and Postnatal Counseling, Nutrition Counseling. Breastfeeding Counseling, FP Counseling.

Operational Research and Surveys, Clinical trial on different contraceptives before being introduced in the family Planning Program, On different aspects of Reproductive Health, Maternal & Child Health, Nutrition status and contraceptive use.

Fully furnished 37(Thirty seven) rooms are available including 8(Eight) VIP cabin with all modern facilities, including arrangement of food. A well decorated Conference Room with a seating arrangement of 65(Sixty five) persons.

Future plan for expansion of Infertility services (Like IVF), Establishment of Re-canalization Centre and SCANU.

Deputy Director

Dr. Helena Jabeen, Deputy Director

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Mohammadpur Fertility Hospital is a unique example of painless safe normal delivery
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