Provides basic and in-services training to Health & Family Planning medical staff working at different levels. Various operational research & survey works on different contraceptive methods to identify their effects, the mother & child


Service Available


A. Family Planning (FP) Services

  • Oral pill Distribution
  • Condom distribution (Male).
  • Birth Control Injection.
  • Implant insertion/removal.
  • Intra Uterine Device (IUD) insertion/removal.
  • Male and Female sterilisation.
  • Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) Service.
  • Post Partum Family Planning.
  • USG guided removal of missing Implant.
  • Hysteroscopy guided removal of missing IUCD.

B. MCH Services :

  • Ante natal care (ANC).
  • Delivery Service including Caesarean Section.
  • Post natal care(PNC).
  • Sick children (under 5 years).
  • Paediatric Care (Indoor Service).
  • Vitamin A capsule distribution.
  • Immunization Including Hepatitis-B vaccine.
  • Adolescent Reproductive Health Care.
  • Nutrition Advices/Services for pregnant mother & malnourished children.
  • MR and Post Abortion Care (PAC).
  • RTI & STI Services.
  • VIA (Visual Inspection of cervix with Acetic acid).
  • Breast Cancer Screening.
  • Management & Treatment of referral Cases.

C. Infertility Services:

  • To identify the common causes of infertility in both male & female and provide basic management & treatment.
  • To give assurance to the long term contraceptive users.
  • Couples are counselled about Infertility.
  • To provide moral support through counseling and motivation.
  • To provide ultrasonography of infertile clients including TVS.
  • Investigations of couples are done by low costs.
  • Ovulation induction by hormone.
  • IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination).

D. Emergency Obstetric Care (EOC) Services:

  • Assure delivery services to antenatal mothers.
  • Assure safe delivery.
  • Assure care to the new born.

E. Health Education & Counseling Services:

  • Antenatal and Postnatal Counselling.
  • Nutrition Counselling.
  • Adolescent Health Counselling.
  • Breastfeeding Counselling.
  • Clients Counselling.

F. Supporting Services:

  • Imaging : Ultrasonography(Upper, Lower & TVS)
  • Pathology: General pathology and special lab for infertility services.
  • 24 hour Ambulance Service
  • Pharmacy
  • Central Oxygen Supply
  • Blood Bank
  • Social Welfare Department.

G. Training:

  • Training of doctors and paramedics on clinical contraception, RTI/STI & HIV/AIDS Case Management and Reproductive Health, MCH Health & Nutrition etc.
  • Training on MR, PAC, IUD, NSV, Tubectomy, Implant, Counselling &      Infection Prevention
  • 6(six) months CSBA
  • 6(six) months Midwifery
  • 6(six) months EOC
  • Training on Hysteroscopy Operation
  • Training on Counselling of Field worker of Health & FP.
  • Field training of students from Social Welfare Department under Dhaka and National University and different Medical College Hospitals.

H. Research :

  • Operational Research and Surveys
  • Clinical trial on different contraceptives before being introduced in the Family Planning Programme.
  • On different aspects of Reproductive Health, Maternal & Child Health, Nutritional status and Contraceptive use.

I. Training Unit :

  • 6(six) Training rooms with modern facilities (Multimedia, AC, laptop, sound system etc)
  • Modern Conference room with highest facilities (75 seats).
  • One Cafeteria (Accommodation 60).

J. Trainee’s Hostel & Meeting Facilities:

  • Fully furnished 37 Rooms are available including 8 VIP cabins with all modern facilities, including arrangement of food.
  • Hostel for 6 months trainees(CSBA, Midwifery, EOC).
  • A well decorated conference room with a seating arrangement of 65 persons.